Our Coving, Cornice & Dentils range.

External coving, cornice & dentils range.

Exterior Mouldings Ireland.com is the countries only supplier of lightweight, easy fit external coving, cornice & dentils. Our lightweight, easy fit external coving, cornice & dentils comes in four great ranges. It is the preferred choice of both builders and home owners as it is lightweight, durable easy to fit and less expensive then traditional products.

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Our lightweight, easy fit external Coving, Cornice & Dentils comes in four great ranges to choose from.

– We also can professionally fit all our products, should you require it.

Un-Finished Cornice


Styles: Linear & Ornate, Traditional & Modern.
Size: Small to Large.
Type: High Grade Polymer.

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Dentil or Scalloped – easy fit & maintenance free!

Styles: Linear, Traditional & Modern.

Type: CoPolymer. [?]

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Styles: Linear, Traditional & Modern.
Size: Medium.
Type: High Grade Polymer. [?]

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Styles: Linear, Traditional & Modern. [?] Size: Small to Large. [?] Type: High Grade Polymer. [?]

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About Our Styles

Linear designs are without patterns, have clean lines, and can vary from very simple plain ‘scooped’ coving to more intricate shapes.
Ornate designs feature patterns, for example Egg & Dart or Dentil.
Traditional designs cover periods: Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco. Modern designs are for a more contemporary property.

About Copolymer

Copolymer is a form of plastic. It is lightweight and easy to fit, and carries a 40 year manufacturers warranty to cover it’s structural integrity and it’s colour.

It is preferred by builders and fitters as it is light weight, durable and much easier to fit than traditional stone, plaster or wood.

About Our Sizes

We measure cornice in height i.e. how far in comes down the fascia from the soffit, and projection
i.e. how far it extends across the soffit from the fascia.
A medium sized cornice measures between about 8cm x 8cm and 12cm x 12cm.

About Polymers

Polymers are designed to be indistinguishable from plaster. They have a similar texture and the same detailing in the mould.

This makes them much quicker and easier to install, and easier and cheaper to transport. Product costs USUALLY work out cheaper than an equivalent plaster profile will ALWAYS save significantly on the installation time.

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